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What determines visitation?

Going through a divorce with children is hard enough. During the divorce, you have hundreds of questions to answer. The last thing that you want is to worry about whether you can visit your child.

Regardless of who gets custody, a visitation schedule will still need to be in place before finalizing everything. So what determines this important part of your life?. If you and your spouse cannot agree, then the court will decide. The court looks at several factors.

The best interest of the child

Although this seems to be self-explanatory, the court’s decisions on custody and visitation rely heavily on what they perceive the child needs. You should be very aware of what your child needs and how you can provide it for them.

Your relationship with your child

A good healthy relationship is important. If you were a full-time parent before the divorce who had a good relationship with your child, you are more likely to get liberal visitation.

What guidance you can provide

They look at what you can provide for the child. This does not necessarily mean money. It could mean your ability to teach your child valuable skills or moral practices.

The mental health of everyone involved

Your mental health is important in the court’s eyes. It is important to maintain proper mental health despite the stress of a divorce.

No matter who has custody, visitation is an extremely important part of any child’s life. Knowing what the courts look at can help you in both custody and visitation procedures.

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