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Custody and visitation are perhaps the most emotionally taxing and difficult aspects of a divorce, the impacts of which are especially hard on the children involved. Your attorney’s legal experience makes all the difference in a custody case. Laura L. Davenport is committed to helping you reach an effective solution through settlement or mediation.  She will quickly use her knowledge, skill, background and experience to become an aggressive advocate to aggressively protect and represent you and your interests should the case go to litigation.

Laura L. Davenport, LLC has helped clients throughout the Acadiana, Lafayette, Abbeville, and Crowley areas to protect their legal rights.  She is a firm believer in each child’s right to have their father play an active role in their lives.  She does not believe a father should be a mere visitor in their child’s life.  Laura L. Davenport is a father’s rights advocate.

Understanding The Laws Specific To Our State

While in many cases fathers are typically shouldering a great part of the monetary responsibility after a divorce, it is important to calculate a fair support payment. This typically requires aggressive representation.

When parents, married or unmarried, are unable to agree on custody or visitation, the court may intervene and make a decision based on the child’s best interests. In a custody battle, the focus of the law and the parents should be on what is in the best interests of the children as well as what is fair.

Child support in Louisiana is governed by guidelines that consider the incomes of the parents, the custody arrangement, and the number of children involved. These guidelines are presumptive and are followed closely by the courts. The courts may deviate from the guidelines if the parties agree to a separate arrangement, if the parties have a nontraditional child custody arrangement or if it is in the best interests of the child.

You can also modify your child support and custody arrangements if circumstances change.  Call Laura L. Davenport, LLC to determine whether your change in circumstance qualifies you for a modification of your support obligation.

Discuss Your Options Today

As your lawyer, Laura L. Davenport can help you with an initial child support claim, a modification of a child support judgment,  or an income assignment order. She can help resolve issues regarding health insurance, medical expenses, the enforcement of child support orders, and arrearages.  She is willing to file for contempt against a parent who refuses to support their child.

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