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What if your ex claims you owe child support?

When parents file for a divorce in Louisiana, they must resolve all issues that are relevant to their children. Such issues typically include terms of agreement regarding custody, as well as financial provisions for the children’s needs. If you’re a non-custodial parent, the court might order you to pay child support.

You can submit a child support payment to a county clerk or to your ex. Things can get messy if your ex happens to be a person you don’t trust. There have been instances in the past where a parent who has been making court-ordered support payments on time has faced accusations of being in arrears, which means owing back child support.

Don’t let your ex falsely accuse you of not paying child support

The following list includes helpful tips you can implement to prevent being falsely accused of not paying child support:

  • No matter what, never make child support payments in cash.
  • Always request a receipt for every payment you make.
  • Take a witness with you when you make each payment.
  • If you are making direct deposits into your ex’s bank account, keep copies of the bank records showing each deposit.

It’s a mistake to simply hand your ex a bunch of cash each month because that makes it easy for him or her to say they never received it. By documenting the money trail, you ensure that you can prove your payments. The burden of proof lies with you. If your ex accuses you of being in arrears, you must prove that you are not.

Protecting your parental rights after divorce

If your ex accuses you of being in arrears, the court will want to see evidence that proves the accusations are false. There have been negative connotations regarding dads who pay child support. In the media and elsewhere, the term “deadbeat dad” refers to men who fail miserably to uphold their parental obligations after divorce.

Getting divorced doesn’t mean you’re trying to abdicate your parental responsibilities. It also does not negate your parental rights. Even if accusations of being in arrears are false, it can be embarrassing and frustrating, and can take a lot of time and effort to prove that your payments are up to date. Implementing some of the tips shown in this blog post can help prevent false accusations. It is always good to know where to seek immediate legal support, however, just in case problems like this arise after your divorce.

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