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Where should your custody transfer take place?

If you share custody of your kids with your ex-spouse, you must work diligently to foster a positive co-parenting relationship. Often, this requires minimizing conflict whenever possible. Sorting out all details of the co-parenting arrangement early is a good way to keep future conflicts in check.

One detail you should address is the location of your custody transfer. This is the place where you and your ex-spouse meet to swap the kids when your scheduled parenting time starts and stops. While many locations work in theory, the best transfer sites have three common qualities.

1. Neutrality

In a post-divorce world, individuals can become territorial about their new homes. This may be especially true if either parent has a new love interest living in the house. Therefore, it may be wise to choose a neutral transfer site, such as a shopping center, restaurant, school or park.

2. Accessibility

Neither you nor your children’s co-parent wants to have to commute to an inconvenient transfer site, so your transfer place should probably be approximately equidistant between your home and your ex’s. When thinking about accessibility, do not forget to consider whether you and your children’s co-parent have access to a vehicle or need to use public transportation.

3. Safety

Finally, you want the place you transfer custody to be safe for you, your children and your ex-spouse. If your exchange takes place at night, you should pick a properly illuminated area. On the other hand, if you expect your ex-spouse to behave violently, you can always exchange the kids at a police station.

While you enjoy wide flexibility to determine where is best to transfer custody, you do not want to take the selection lightly. Ultimately, you may need to pick both a primary and a backup location to ensure successful custody transfers.

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