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Family law often involves issues that can easily become an emotional battleground. Decisions made from anger, frustration, or fear can jeopardize your family relationships and your financial future. As a skilled and knowledgeable attorney, I work in your best interest to help prevent you from making mistakes.

I take a proactive approach when dealing with divorce, spousal support, child support and child custody disputes. It is important to know your options so you can make informed decisions before you act. At Laura L. Davenport, LLC I can help you develop a strategy that takes both present and future needs into consideration. I am upfront about the benefits, disadvantages, costs and length of proceedings in every case.

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Laura Davenport is trustworthy Dedicated. Hardworking. Honest. I’d leave any of my matters in her hands.

- Stella P.

Professional & Compassionate Miss Davenport is a professional, knowledgeable & caring attorney. I was impressed by the genuine passion she has for her clients. She kept me informed & went beyond her duty

- Jamie

Not just a great lawyer, a great person When my current husband and I first started dating, we were both going through child custody cases with our ex’s that made sleeping at night really hard. No matter what lawyer you have, this will probably be the norm. However, with Laura, we could rest a little…

- Anonymous

Consulation Even though Ms. Davenport could not represent me due to me living in a different parish I scheduled a consultation that was well worth my money. She is very knowledgeable of the law and taught me a lot and made me feel welcomed

- Lacey

Works Diligently for Clients Professional family lawyer who worked with my family to encourage settlement rather than disagree in court. Ms. Davenport explained the process of divorce and the options for child support and custody.

- Anonymous

Laura Davenport is not only an excellent attorney, Laura is an Amazing person! I had been through several attorneys before finding Laura. The previous attorneys were in it for a payday, and it was just a job. I was paying and incurring fees with not results. Laura was different! The first time I met her…

- Mon
About Laura L. Davenport

Choosing The Path That’s Right For You

I enjoy working with people who come through my door fearful of the law, fearful of losing in a divorce situation, and fearful of losing their children. Though thoughtful explanation of legal intricacies involved in family law matters, I am able to alleviate some of that fear.

If you are a father facing a divorce, your rights, your children’s rights and your property are at risk. Family courts often favor mothers, putting fathers at an unfair disadvantage. As an aggressive advocate for fathers’ rights, I can help ensure your custody and visitation rights are protected and your child or spousal support payments are fair. I provide efficient and effective legal solutions that serve the client’s best interests and provide optimal outcomes for the client and their families.

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