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Laura Davenport is trustworthy
Dedicated. Hardworking. Honest. I’d leave any of my matters in her hands.

-Stella P.

Professional & Compassionate
Miss Davenport is a professional, knowledgeable & caring attorney. I was impressed by the genuine passion she has for her clients. She kept me informed & went beyond her duty


Not just a great lawyer, a great person
When my current husband and I first started dating, we were both going through child custody cases with our ex’s that made sleeping at night really hard. No matter what lawyer you have, this will probably be the norm. However, with Laura, we could rest a little easier knowing that she actually saw us for who we are – good parents concerned for our kids’ best interests and really felt she has our back no matter what. Both cases took a while to wrap up but Laura was there for us every step of the way, fighting for our kids so we didn’t have to. She is everything you wouldn’t think of when you hear “lawyer”: She’s personable, generous, and genuine. Through both cases, we felt that she genuinely cared about our family and that made all the difference in the world. In the end, everything turned out great and we’ve adjusted well to our blended family life and are forever grateful for Laura and all that she helped us with.


Even though Ms. Davenport could not represent me due to me living in a different parish I scheduled a consultation that was well worth my money. She is very knowledgeable of the law and taught me a lot and made me feel welcomed


Works Diligently for Clients
Professional family lawyer who worked with my family to encourage settlement rather than disagree in court. Ms. Davenport explained the process of divorce and the options for child support and custody.


Laura Davenport is not only an excellent attorney, Laura is an Amazing person! I had been through several attorneys before finding Laura. The previous attorneys were in it for a payday, and it was just a job. I was paying and incurring fees with not results. Laura was different! The first time I met her I could tell this was ore than just a job for her. She met with me, listened carefully as I explained the situation, and set forth a plan of action. She worked closely with me to ensure we were prepared and had all the necessary documentation. With her help, I was able to settle things and move on. She is more than just an attorney. She is a very kind and caring person! She is excellent and very knowledgeable in her vocation and was able to bring resolution to my situation in a very short time. I love Laura Davenport and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of an attorney! She is the best!!


Best Lawyer EVER
Laura is one of the most compassionate attorneys I have ever worked with – She truly cares about the wellbeing of her clients and goes above and beyond to get them the best outcome. I would highly recommend her!! She will fight for you!


Atty review
Laura is an outstanding attorney. Communication was clear and prompt. Legal knowledge was impeccable. Very satisfied. Her effort were sincere and genuinely undertaken.


Very Down to Earth
Laura Davenport has helped my family and I more than I can count. She has always made sure we felt like family!


Excellent Lawyer
Laura Davenport is a very knowledgeable lawyer. Makes herself available. She is driven and passionate about her career.


Awesome Lawyer and Person!
Laura was very helpful and gave our family her time and attention when needed most!


She’s the best
If you want an honest, hardworking, and no nonsense attorney, call Laura. She’s a bulldog.


Great Family Law Attorney!
Ms. Davenport was a breath of fresh air throughout the legal process. She genuinely cared about the best course of action for me, and not just whatever would make her the most money. She really knew what she was doing and worked her hardest to get me the best possible outcome. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a family law attorney!


I can’t say enough about Laura – she is amazing. She always kept me informed, was very responsive, and helped gaining the best possible outcome. I highly recommend her!!!!

-Matthew B.

Great attorney.

-Bhyllie M.

Very professional lawyer. Works diligently for the best outcomes with children. True child’s advocate.

-Debbie P.

Laura is absolutely amazing at what she does. She’s extremely intelligent, bright, and has done wonders for us in family law. I highly, HIGHLY recommend her, as she knows how to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible, with amazing results. She is both extremely professional and extremely sweet.

-Mandilena S.

Ms. Davenport assisted my wife and I with two separate cases involving our kids. She was very professional and treated us like we were the most important case every time we spoke and meet with her. I would recommend Ms. Davenport to anyone, male or female.

-Tyler M.

Laura Davenport is an exceptional family attorney. I have known her to fight fiercely and tirelessly for her clients. She exudes professionalism but shows empathy and understanding to the families and children she represents. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone wanting the very best legal representation.


Laura is a great person. Straight up and honest with you as a client. She will not steer wrong. She is a pit bull when it comes to fighting for her clients. And when she is not being your attorney, she is a very nice person to sit and talk with, she has a great laugh. Oh and she loves Giraffes!

-Lea L.

Laura Davenport is smart, sharp, savvy. Knows the Law, Goes the extra mile, Cares about the children, Gives her all, Produces a positive outcome. She will fight for you!

-Tina M.

Highly satisfied with Ms. Laura! I have retained several attorneys over the years dealing with Child Custody and none of them comes remotely close to the value Ms. Laura brings to myself and family! She is straight forward, professional, extremely knowledgeable, prompt, and gets down to business. I recommend her 100%!

-Melissa B.

Even though Ms. Davenport couldn’t represent me cause I’m in a different parish. I made an appointment for a consultation with her and it was well worth the money she made me feel confident and she was very knowledgeable about the law. She gave me great advice. Thank you Ms. Davenport.

-Lacey R.

Ms. Davenport truly cares about what’s best for her clients and is extremely knowledgeable about the law.

-Roberta P.

Great people, and very professional. Is not scared to fight for their client, and truly cares! 5 stars!

-Tyler F.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Laura! She is very professional and is quick to respond. She is easy to talk to and is a very good listener. If you need an attorney, I highly recommend Laura Davenport!

-Gaming M.

I was impressed by Laura L. Davenport‘s passion for my case. It was heartwarming to see that I was not just another client to her. She takes a lot of legal jargon and makes it incredibly easy to comprehend. Day one, she devises a plan for your best interest and hits the ground running. She kept me educated and in the loop throughout the duration of my case. If you are looking for a devoted and passionate lawyer, look no further!


Ms. Davenport was great throughout the whole divorce, visitation and child support, mediation and finalization for court filings and procedures. Always followed-up quickly on any issues or questions I had at any time during the course of my divorce. Saved me money and time and I would highly recommend this attorney.


I went to Laura Davenport for help in gaining some custody of my child and could not be more grateful for her help. She explained everything I needed to know, helped me through the process and now I am thrilled to say I received some legally custody of my child and we can move on with our lives. I recommend calling Laura Davenport to anyone needing even just advice on child support cases you won’t find a better lawyer!

-Laura H.

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