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Fathers can seek custody modifications too

Even though laws favor shared custody, many fathers in Louisiana feel that courts are ignoring their rights when it comes to child custody. If you are unhappy with your current child custody arrangements, you may take actions to do something about it. After all, fathers can seek custody modifications, too; this is not a right reserved just for mothers.

How does one go about seeking an order modification? Why bother seeking an adjustment? How long does the process take?

Ways to seek a custody order change

There are three basic ways in which you can seek a custody modification. These are through private negotiations, mediation or in a court hearing.

If you reach an agreement with your co-parents privately or through mediation, the court will still need to sign off on the new custody plan. If parents are unable to come to agreeable terms, the court may have the final say in the matter.

Why seek a custody adjustment?

There are numerous reasons why a father would want to seek a child custody adjustment. Some of these include:

  • Custodial parent relocation
  • Non-custodial parent relocation
  • Child’s wishes
  • Concerns about a child’s welfare
  • Desire for more time
  • Custodial parent refusing visitation time

Every father has his own reason for wanting to seek a custody modification. You will just have to prove why your reason is important and explain how a change will benefit your child.

How long does it take to get an answer to a modification request?

It all depends on how you go about getting the adjustment. If you and your former spouse or partner can easily agree on new terms, the process of getting a new custody order drawn up and approved will not take long. If there is any resistance from the parent with primary custody, this could take quite a bit longer. Unfortunately, there is no set time line for how long this process may take.

Let a family law attorney help you

Custody modifications are not always easy to achieve. As such, fathers who desire adjustments to their current custody plans may easily get frustrated — especially if they feel that the court is dismissing their rights as parents. An experienced family law attorney can assist you in seeking the modifications you desire. While there are no guarantees that the custodial parent or the court will approve such a request, with legal counsel at your side you can be sure that every action possible will be taken to seek a custody adjustment.

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