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Are you the subject of parental alienation?

Divorce is often a difficult and destructive time for families. Emotions run high, and both spouses may feel a sense of betrayal. If you are in such a situation, you may feel yourself overcome with anger and resentment. Chances are your spouse is feeling the same.

How can I establish paternity so I can seek custody of my kids?

You and your significant other decided to call it quits. You learned after the fact that she was pregnant, had the baby and failed to put you on the birth certificate. Now you have a child but have no rights to him or her. This leaves you wondering what the state of Louisiana requires you to do in order to establish paternity so that you can seek custody of your child.

My ex believes child support and custody to be intertwined

You and your wife decided to end your marriage. You went through the divorce process, reaching a settlement on your assets, children and financial support obligations. You've been meeting your end of the deal and supplying the court ordered amount in child support, until now. You've experienced a change in circumstances and can no longer afford to keep paying so much. Your ex believes that support and custody are intertwined and is now refusing to let you see your kids. What can you do?

Some things are negotiable, others are not, re child support

Do you consider yourself a diplomatic type of person who is usually able to amicably resolve differences in a fair and agreeable manner? If so, those attributes likely came in handy during your divorce proceedings, especially when it came time to negotiate a new parenting plan. You always were one who was willing to compromise and cooperate; however, marriages and parenting typically include two people, and if your former spouse was more on the selfish side, then problems may not always have been easily solved.

When your ex won't let you see or communicate with your kids

Are you a parent? Do you share custody of your children or at least have some type of visitation rights? Is your ex refusing to let you see or communicate with your kids? If so, you may, according to the laws of Louisiana, have the right to take legal action.

Fatherhood should not decrease your child custody chances

When you first looked upon your firstborn child in a Louisiana hospital delivery room, you likely had similar mixed emotions as many other fathers who have been where you were in that moment. You may have experienced everything from wonder, joy, excitement and amazement to utter fear, stress and worry before your son or daughter completed his or her first breaths. As time went on and another child or two joined your family, you finally began to feel comfortable wearing the shoes of fatherhood, that is, until you divorced.

Does establishing paternity have any significance on your case?

Fathers' rights are a tenuous issue in Louisiana, and many fathers feel that they are fighting an uphill battle when seeking fair visitation time or a strong relationship with their children. For some fathers, this process can be even more complicated when they had never married the mother of their children.

As a father, you have the right to seek support modifications

As a father, you hope to play a pivotal role in your children's lives. However, because of divorce and child custody terms, you may feel that you do not get the opportunity to be in your children's lives as much as you would like. You may feel some sense of pride in providing child support payments as this action allows you to ensure that your children's needs are met.

What can fathers do to help their kids through divorce?

If you asked every Louisiana father what the most challenging part of his parenting vocation is, answers would probably vary greatly. You may have a few issues come to your mind when pondering the topic. Perhaps the very act of trying to help your children get used to the idea that you and their mother are no longer going to be living together is at the top of your list. Divorce happens often, and many parents feel overwhelmed and worried about how to help their children navigate the process.

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