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Parental alienation creates child custody problems

As a Louisiana parent who has filed for divorce, you want what’s best for your children. The court has your children’s…

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Biases fathers face concerning visitation and custody

If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, one of the first things you’ll likely discuss is how…

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Your ex has moved on. What next?

Going through a divorce in Louisiana is difficult enough, but when your ex starts dating someone new, it can feel like…

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A fathers’ rights advocate: An important step

Residents of Lafayette and other nearby areas of Louisiana may want to learn more about the reasons why having a fathers’…

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Facts about child custody mediation in Louisiana

Child custody mediation is becoming more and more common among divorcing parents. It usually involves a neutral mediator who assists in…

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Change, housing and children after a divorce

After a divorce, it’s common for one or both parties to set up a new household. This can be challenging when…

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Why you need to get along with your child’s other parent

In the state of Louisiana, both parents are generally allowed to have access to their children after a divorce. Therefore, it’s…

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What determines visitation?

Going through a divorce with children is hard enough. During the divorce, you have hundreds of questions to answer. The last…

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Where should your custody transfer take place?

If you share custody of your kids with your ex-spouse, you must work diligently to foster a positive co-parenting relationship. Often,…

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Create a successful plan focusing on quality parenting time

For parents, among the most important aspects of a divorce is having to make decisions concerning child custody and visitation. In…

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