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Prenuptial agreements a good idea for baby boomers

Finding love after a divorce can be an invigorating experience. However, it can also feel more complicated, especially for Louisiana baby boomers who are in or nearing retirement. Prenuptial agreements can help these individuals protect their own interests and even outline expectations for financial management during the marriage.

Child support, more in Anna Faris & Chris Pratt's settlement

Celebrity couples usually are not help up as good examples of how to handle a divorce in Louisiana, but a recent split between acting duo Chris Pratt and Anna Faris might be an exception. The couple took a collaborative approach to settling difficult family law issues, such as child support and alimony. Their divorce was recently finalized less than a year after the initial filing.

How fathers can effectively navigate this holiday season

The holidays can be a difficult time for fathers who have to share custody and split time with another parent. It is not easy to be away from your kids for any amount of time during a season when holiday traditions and family time are important. For these reasons and more, this time can of year can be stressful, emotions can run high and disputes with the other parent may be more likely.

Fathers say they are struggling with child support

Louisiana fathers today tend to be more involved than men of the past, but family law has not exactly caught up with this change just yet. According to some men, fathers are still treated much differently after divorce, and they often feel more like add-ons to the child custody agreement rather than a vital part. Whether in regards to an unfair custody agreement or a monthly child support payments that are too high, fathers should be sure to act swiftly to avoid difficult situations.

Should one try to finalize a divorce before the year's end?

Ending a marriage can be a lengthy and complex process for Louisiana couples and, in some cases, can take an extensive amount of time to finalize. If a person is going through the divorce process yet still has issues to resolve, it may be beneficial to work toward a final resolution before the end of the year. Due to tax changes coming at the start of 2019, there could be significant financial consequences to delaying.

Could divorce mediation be right for you?

You might be most familiar with divorce as it is presented through images presented in popular media. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a good movie, you might be expecting to go straight before a judge at the beginning of the divorce process. While family law judges in Louisiana do play important roles when necessary, you do not necessarily have to leave all of your important decisions up to them. Instead, you can use divorce mediation to reach mutually agreeable solutions.

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