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Child support, more in Anna Faris & Chris Pratt’s settlement

Celebrity couples usually are not help up as good examples of how to handle a divorce in Louisiana, but a recent split between acting duo Chris Pratt and Anna Faris might be an exception. The couple took a collaborative approach to settling difficult family law issues, such as child support and alimony. Their divorce was recently finalized less than a year after the initial filing.

Faris and Pratt were married for eight years before announcing their split in 2017. Pratt filed the official divorce papers in December of that same year, and a judge signed off on the couples settlement in Oct. 2018. Although they did have a prenup that likely helped them tackle things like property division, other issues are not so easily addressed through this important family law tool.

When it comes to alimony, both Faris and Pratt waived their rights to support now and in the future. They also will not be paying child support, and instead opted to establish a joint bank account which they will both fund. They plan to pay for their son’s expenses out of this account.

As for their son, they currently plan to share joint custody. In what might be an effort to fully commit to co-parenting, they also agreed to live no farther than five miles from one another until their son completes the sixth grade. If either parent plans to travel internationally with their son, they must give the other person at least 30 days written notice.

The divorce of Faris and Pratt has lacked much of the typical scandal and intrigue that follows many celebrity splits. Instead, the couple opted for what most people in Louisiana hope to do — end things in a reasonable period of time and amicably. In many cases, divorcing couples can figure out issues like child support, custody and more through alternative dispute resolution options, saving both parties time and money.

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