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Fathers say they are struggling with child support

Louisiana fathers today tend to be more involved than men of the past, but family law has not exactly caught up with this change just yet. According to some men, fathers are still treated much differently after divorce, and they often feel more like add-ons to the child custody agreement rather than a vital part. Whether in regards to an unfair custody agreement or a monthly child support payments that are too high, fathers should be sure to act swiftly to avoid difficult situations.

When child support payments are set too high, fathers have options. A good first step is for an individual to pay what he or she can rather than ignoring the problem. Then, the person can petition the judge for a modification. However, even when fathers feel like they are making the best effort, they may still fall short.

An out-of-state father and pediatrician spoke with the news agency CNN about losing his job because of child support issues. He was jailed after falling behind on child support payments and ultimately ended up filing for bankruptcy. The $680,000 that he owes in child support could not be discharged, and he now fears that he will never be able to catch up on payments with his current income, which now averages out to about $100 a month.

Around 80 percent of custodial parents are mothers, which means that Louisiana fathers are more likely to be affected by child support issues. When a judge sets a child support order that is too high, or a sudden loss in income affects a person’s ability to pay, it is important to face the problem head-on. An experienced attorney can usually provide valuable insight on which approach would be most appropriate for parents who are struggling with their support payments.

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