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Could divorce mediation be right for you?

You might be most familiar with divorce as it is presented through images presented in popular media. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a good movie, you might be expecting to go straight before a judge at the beginning of the divorce process. While family law judges in Louisiana do play important roles when necessary, you do not necessarily have to leave all of your important decisions up to them. Instead, you can use divorce mediation to reach mutually agreeable solutions.

An alternative dispute resolution is a tool which individuals can use to solve legal issues without going to court. Mediation is just one such alternative dispute resolution, but it is incredibly useful if you and your ex are still relatively amicable as you approach divorce. Even if you are not 100 percent certain that you can reach an agreement with your ex, you may be surprised by how effective the process can be.

Mediation does not mean that you will have to work things out on your own. Under the guidance of an experienced counsel and with an impartial third-party, you can work together to find appropriate solutions to even the most complex issues you might face during a divorce. This process can also be helpful for parents, who can benefit from establishing healthy ways of communicating with one another.

From complicated joint finances to who gets to keep the house, a wide range of topics can be handled through divorce mediation. In most cases, mediation is also quicker and cheaper than other approaches, such as dragging things out before a judge. Still not sure if mediation is right for your situation? You can find out more about this process and other Louisiana family law topics on our website.

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