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Man charged with abuse of daughter

Families take many forms in this country today. No matter what makes up a particular family however, abuse should never have a place. Abuse of one’s own child is especially never acceptable. No matter what state a family resides in, be it Louisiana or elsewhere, every child is entitled to a safe home.

Law enforcement in one state recently have arrested and charged a man with physically abusing and inflicting torture on his child. The alleged crime took place while the girl was at her father’s residence. The man reportedly had visitation rights with his daughter.

While the investigation into this purported violent episode is ongoing, the allegations came to the attention of the local social service office in the girl’s town. The man is facing charges of purposeful abuse and alleged torture of the 8-year-old child. The 37-year-old suspect could face a prison sentence of up several years if he is convicted of these charges.

Whenever there are allegations of domestic abuse or child abuse, victims may be able to file for a restraining order or protective order in a family law court. When the allegations include child abuse, judges will look at what is in the best interests of any children that may be involved. Custodial parents who believe that another parent has acted in an abusive manner toward their children may be able to petition a Louisiana family law court in order to have visitation rights temporarily or permanently revoked, especially if criminal charges of child abuse have already been filed in the case.

Source:, “Opp man charged with torture, abuse of his daughter,” July 3, 2013

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