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Louisiana organization helping abuse victims with a benefit

Summertime is the time of year when thoughts turn to fun in the sun and backyard parties. One such pool party is being held in one Louisiana town to help provide support to victims of abuse. The party is intended to spotlight local artists and writers while using the donated portions of the proceeds from the sales of artwork to provide help and assistance to those who have been abused.

The group that is hosting the event has worked hard to end abuse in their community. Safe Harbor decided to hold their fundraiser at a pool in order to draw attention to their name which embodies the goal of providing a safe place or harbor, for those affected by the storms of abuse and violence. This is the second year for the event.

The nonprofit organization provides housing, counsel and protection to women and children that have been hurt by family violence. The shelter has also assisted men when the need has arisen. The goal is to help survivors rebuild lives that are healthy and safe free family violence and this fundraiser helps them to meets these goals.

Louisiana wants all families to be healthy, safe and free from violence. Organizations that help survivors are a benefit to the communities where they are located. However, not all towns have these types of nonprofit groups available. Domestic violence victims are often confused about how to recover, both physically and emotionally. The state has assured that there are avenues of assistance available in the form of laws and in trained professionals that are experienced in helping victims of abuse find relief.

Source:, “White Summer Night to be presented poolside July 27 at Pontchartrain Yacht Club,” Margaret Schonberg, July 2, 2013

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