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It’s not all about child support — plan for college too

Louisiana parents are often hyper-focused on their children during divorce. From figuring out child support to creating the best possible custody agreement, parents know that they need to have a close eye on their children’s well-being as well as their futures. However, many parents still miss out on planning for an essential aspect of their kids’ future — college.

College tuition is notoriously expensive, and recent rate hikes may make the costs seem impossible for the average 18-year-old student to handle alone. While many take out loans and use scholarships, many parents also help pay. So how will this work when a student’s parents are divorced? Well, that is largely up to them.

When parents address how they plan to help pay their child’s college during their divorce, they lay the groundwork for a better experience in the future. Parents can talk about which costs they would like to be responsible for — such as housing, books or technology — or if they would like to contribute a flat amount. Since the vast majority of child support orders end at age 18 in Louisiana, parents should also agree that they will continue to provide financial support during their child’s college years.

It may feel pretty obvious to plan for paying for college when a child is ready to head off in a few years, but the matter can be more complicated when young children are involved. However, forgetting about college and focusing solely on child support and custody is not well-advised. Without an agreement, neither parent may have a legal obligation to help pay for college, leaving one person asking for support without any options at their disposal.

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