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Is paternity a major issue in your divorce?

When you married, you assumed it was for a lifetime. After more than a decade went by, you recognized that this was not to be. When you filed for divorce, the main issues you worried about were those having to do with your children. Like most good fathers in Louisiana, you want what is best for them. You believe that, in connection to your divorce, that would include them living with you.  

Toxic marriage may make it hard to talk through issues in divorce

Divorce isn't easy for anyone, but certain personality types can make it even more challenging. While Louisiana couples often find it best to talk through issues related to a divorce, there are some people who are unwilling or unable to do so. Often these challenging of divorces emerge as a result of toxic relationships, the signs of which can be identified even before the marriage ends.

What are the warning signs of domestic violence?

According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, more than 12 million people are abused annually in the United States. Men and women in Louisiana should be on the lookout for such behavior, as there are often red flags for possible future abuse earlier on in a relationship. Those who are in abusive marriages should also educate themselves on the safest ways to protect themselves when leaving such a marriage.

How to stay level-headed during a divorce mediation

Many people feel a loss of control when experiencing a divorce. Despite the many things that may be out of one's control, there are some things Louisiana divorcees can do to lessen the pain and focus on the real issues at play. Following these tips can help people identify what they may entitled to in a divorce mediation as well as helping them keep their head up in times of stress.

Strategies for co-parenting in the best interests of the child

Raising children within a marriage can make collaboration a bit easier, as each parent can see what the other is doing. For divorced couples in Louisiana, however, co-parenting conflicts can often arise. These issues are often based in miscommunication, past hurt or simply incompatible parenting styles. Regardless of the reasons for co-parenting squabbles, it is important that both do their best to put the best interests of the child ahead of individual agendas.

Child college costs should be considered in divorce mediation

Terminating a marriage can be expensive. For parents, this strain can affect everyone in the family, particularly children with financial needs. Louisiana parents who have financial obligations related to their children's current or future college tuition should be sure to raise these expenses and associated savings during divorce mediation.

Harsher penalties for marriage violence under new Louisiana law

Domestic violence is a serious issue across the United States. State lawmakers in Louisiana are looking to address this issue with legislation aimed at protecting victims of marriage violence. House Bill 896, also known as the "Crimes of Violence" Bill, increases penalties and expands existing laws related to domestic abuse. It was approved by the Senate on May 8, 2019.

Those regretting their divorce should talk through issues first

After the dust settles in a difficult breakup, most people are eager to move on. However, for some others, regret and desire for reconciliation can sometimes follow a divorce. Louisiana individuals with these feelings may need to talk through issues with their ex, lawyer or a counselor to understand the next steps and whether getting back together is even an option in their case.

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