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Strategies for co-parenting in the best interests of the child

Raising children within a marriage can make collaboration a bit easier, as each parent can see what the other is doing. For divorced couples in Louisiana, however, co-parenting conflicts can often arise. These issues are often based in miscommunication, past hurt or simply incompatible parenting styles. Regardless of the reasons for co-parenting squabbles, it is important that both do their best to put the best interests of the child ahead of individual agendas.

It is a good idea for people who are co-parenting to come to an agreement early on in a divorce about basic rules, including bedtime, diet, homework and when new significant others can be introduced. These distinctions should be clarified in the final divorce decree to avoid future backpedaling. In general, addressing as many issues as possible before they become conflicts is a good strategy.

If one parent breaks this agreement, it can be another source of conflict. If this happens, talking through issues without the children present is the best thing to do. Trying to keep the conversation as unemotional and focused on the best interests of the children is a good idea, so involving a mediator may be helpful for those facing serious disagreements.

Children whose parents are able to peacefully co-parent tend to fare better in the case of a divorce. When done correctly, proper co-parenting can teach children about the value of compromise and collaboration. Preparation can make a huge difference in these cases. Those looking to finalize a divorce decree with co-parenting regulations in Louisiana should work with a lawyer to understand their rights and responsibilities.

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