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What are the warning signs of domestic violence?

According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, more than 12 million people are abused annually in the United States. Men and women in Louisiana should be on the lookout for such behavior, as there are often red flags for possible future abuse earlier on in a relationship. Those who are in abusive marriages should also educate themselves on the safest ways to protect themselves when leaving such a marriage.

Early signs of abuse can vary, but most are related to control. For example, one sign someone may be abusive in the future is that they try to limit their partner’s association with those outside the relationship. They also may insist on rigid relationship rules, becoming easily jealous. They may also try to influence the relationship to become interdependent more quickly, such as insisting on a joint bank account or shared home early on.

There are several different types of abuse that may occur in a relationship. Physical abuse involves violence that causes bodily harm. Emotional and verbal abuse is when someone uses words to put down a partner and cause that individual to lower in self-worth. There are also other types of abuse, such as financial and reproductive abuse, that are less well-known but can be deeply damaging.

Those leaving an abusive relationship may find it difficult or even dangerous to break off their union. There are certain laws in Louisiana that may help to protect those in such situations and their children, such as restraining orders and temporary custody. Speaking with a family lawyer in the state is an important step in understanding the legal options available for relationship dissolution and protection.

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