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Toxic marriage may make it hard to talk through issues in divorce

Divorce isn’t easy for anyone, but certain personality types can make it even more challenging. While Louisiana couples often find it best to talk through issues related to a divorce, there are some people who are unwilling or unable to do so. Often these challenging of divorces emerge as a result of toxic relationships, the signs of which can be identified even before the marriage ends.

Abusive or belittling behavior is one warning sign of a toxic relationship. Individuals may be in a toxic relationship if they start to feel self doubt or lack of freedom in their lives. A toxic partner may also be highly critical and try to alienate their significant other from friends and family.

Toxic relationships often lack important elements such as compassion, empathy, trust and respect. While communication can be a challenge in any relationship, those that are toxic may take it a step further with a partner that is unwilling to make an effort or even pitch in to share duties. Fights are also a typical occurrence in many marriages, but when conflicts get physical or result in extremely bad behavior it can be a warning sign.

It is normal to have challenges from time to time in a marriage, but many of the above issues may signify a relationship that is toxic or even abusive. Divorces resulting from such relationships may be particularly challenging. A family lawyer in Louisiana can help divorcing individuals with strategies to talk through issues, as well as legal support for mediation or court dates as things unfold.

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