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Prenuptial agreements help with more than just divorce

Planning the perfect wedding day is perhaps one of the most romantic endeavors that a Louisiana couple can undertake. Prenuptial agreements rarely factor into these plans, perhaps because of their negative association with divorce. However, reality is that some couples will end up divorcing, and in that case it is best to be prepared.

Communication and money issues account for two of the three most common reasons for divorce. What if couples could find a way to address these topics before they ever walked down the aisle? Turns out there is something that gives them that exact opportunity — prenuptial agreements. Sure, it may feel uncomfortable to discuss what will happen in the event of a divorce, but it allows couples to think about what is most important to them, including physical assets, money and more. A prenup also helps lay the groundwork for more open lines of communication.

Aside from creating a safe opportunity for couples to discuss important but difficult topics, prenups also perform an important function during divorce. Individuals can protect their personal property, safeguard themselves against a spouse’s debt, determine how to handle asset division and even make certain alimony decisions. Tackling these topics while partners are still on good terms with one another can prevent unnecessary fighting during divorce.

Unfortunately, many people still perceive being asked to sign a prenup as an indication that their fiance has no faith in their upcoming nuptials. On the contrary, it could be a sign that they are willing to talk about difficult topics openly and early on. In this way, prenuptial agreements can be extremely beneficial for Louisiana couples whether they stay married or decide to divorce.

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