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Are millennials killing the divorce industry?

Popular media often paints millennials as desperate for instant gratification, willing to drop anything that is not working in their favor. However, this is not necessarily an accurate depiction, especially when it comes to things like marriage and divorce. While this generation of Louisiana residents might be marrying less frequently and at older ages than their parents, they are also divorcing at a much lower rate.

The baby boomer generation is divorcing at higher rates than past generations in U.S. history. Indeed, between 1990 and 2015, the rate of divorce for couples aged 65 and over actually tripled. However, the average divorce rate fell 18 percent between 2008 and 2016. Experts attribute this to a slower approach toward marriage by Generation Xers and millennials.

That is not to say that younger people are not tying the knot. The wedding industry in the United States earned about $72 billion in 2016 alone. And while younger couples are more likely to stay together than their parents, when they do divorce it is often for unique reasons. The popular game video game Fortnite has recently been blamed for a slew of divorces among younger couples.

Divorce trends provide a good idea of what is going on in Louisiana, but each individual couple is still unique in their approach to various matters. This means that even as the divorce rate goes down, it is not zero, and many young couples are still finding themselves ready to go through the process of ending their marriage. This can be an overwhelming process, so working with an experienced attorney is a popular choice for many young people.

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