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Didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement? Consider a postnup

In general, Louisiana couples are increasingly aware of the benefits of signing a prenup. However, being aware of how good something is and actually following through with doing it are two very different things. Whether couples initially decided against using a prenuptial agreement or did not fully realize that they needed one until later on, they can still gain the same protections through the use of a postnuptial agreement.

Prenups and postnups generally cover the same types of topics. This includes things like separate and community property, future inheritances, debt, potential earnings and much more. This can make things easier should a couple end up heading toward divorce. Moreover, simply sitting down to talk out these issues can potentially improve marital communication.

So for couples who did not bother with a prenup, why take the time to worry about a postnup? Some people simply do not realize just how much is on the line until they have already tied the knot. For others — such as entrepreneurs or those in lucrative careers — they may not have felt they had anything worth protecting until a year or so into the marriage.

Just like signing a prenuptial agreement is far from an indication that a marriage is doomed to fail, signing a postnup does not mean that a Louisiana couple does not have what it takes to make things work. However, the reality is that marriages can and do end every day. With the chance of divorce ever-present, it is a good idea to have careful protections in place.

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