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Dealing with child custody disappointment during the holidays

Child custody is a sensitive matter regardless of the season. However, the holidays are a time of increased emotions and stress, and it can be quite difficult for Louisiana parents to get through this time of year after divorce. Many parents experience anger, sadness and other frustrations when the holidays will be different from what they expected or are used to.

When two parents share custody, it is likely that a child will be unable to attend all family functions and be with both parents at every event. This may make a parent feel frustrated or lonely, even if it is not his or her designated visitation or parenting time. One way to diffuse these situations and deal with these feelings is to let go of expectations. It may be helpful to focus on one day or holiday event at a time instead of worrying about them all at once.

It is quite normal for parents to experience difficulty during the holiday season when they cannot be with their kids. It is okay to feel sad or frustrated, but it is rarely beneficial to put the children in the center of any type of custody-related dispute or complaint. Parents may also find it helps to plan holiday activities on alternate days when they are with their children.

The holidays are a time when it is especially important to have a thoughtful, reasonable and beneficial child custody plan. This means having terms that protect both the best interests of the children and parental rights. Whether a Louisiana parent is walking through divorce or is already divorced, it may be helpful to discuss any custody concerns with an experienced family law attorney.

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