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Are prenuptial agreements always enforceable?

Creating a prenuptial agreement is a smart way to protect personal property while also laying a foundation for open and honest communication during marriage. While prenuptial agreements are generally fairly straightforward, Louisiana couples could still be making some unintended mistakes. In some situations, a seemingly small mistake could make a prenup invalid.

Mother secures $150,000 in back child support

Raising a child after divorce can be expensive. Handling expenses like school supplies, health insurance, extracurricular activities and more is often difficult when income is cut in half or otherwise less than what it used to be. This is why child support is so important for a child's financial security, but not all parents in Louisiana take the responsibility of paying as seriously as they should.

When your ex's addiction affects child custody

Living with a spouse who has an addiction to drugs or alcohol can take its toll. While you may have spent a long time making excuses for your spouse, you reached a place where you realized there was no point trying to fix the marriage if your spouse refused to get help.

Judge orders father to pay $150,000 for unpaid child support

Raising children can be fulfilling, but it can also be incredibly expensive. After a divorce or in the case of unmarried parents, child support should help parents who have primary custody of their children cover the daily expenses of living. Unfortunately, many parents who are ordered to pay support end up shirking their court-ordered responsibilities. While this is extremely frustrating, Louisiana parents can generally seek back child support.

Are you interfering with your child custody order?

Divorcing parents often keep their children as the focal point during proceedings, carefully considering how various decisions will affect their best interests. However, some parents in Louisiana might be misguided in their approach to dealing with child custody both before and after divorce. Here are some behaviors that parents should avoid.

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