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Prenuptial agreements help with more than just divorce

Planning the perfect wedding day is perhaps one of the most romantic endeavors that a Louisiana couple can undertake. Prenuptial agreements rarely factor into these plans, perhaps because of their negative association with divorce. However, reality is that some couples will end up divorcing, and in that case it is best to be prepared. 

Understand what you're up against as a father seeking custody

The media makes it appear as though fathers no longer face some discrimination in courtrooms when it comes to gaining custody of their children. That may be true in some jurisdictions, but here in Louisiana, you will probably face an uphill battle if you want custody of your children.

2019 tax changes set to affect spousal support

Post-divorce support payments are a common feature of Louisiana family law. Spousal support is just one such payment that involves one person making temporary, regular payments to an ex. In some cases support takes the form of a single, lump sum. The goal is to provide sufficient financial support until such a time that the recipient is stable. With the effective date of certain changes to the federal tax laws approaching, some couples may want to consider finalizing their divorces before the end of the year. 

A temporary child custody order is a good idea for most parents

Most people hope for a quick and painless conclusion to their divorce proceedings. Unfortunately, real life is often very different. Divorces in Louisiana can and do drag on, leaving many people worried about their finances, children and more. Temporary orders are a smart option for those who need to address child custody, child support or other important issues before their divorce is finalized. 

Is physical abuse the only type of domestic violence?

The definition of domestic violence that most people are familiar with is actually fairly narrow. Although domestic violence can and often does take the form of physical abuse, this is not always the case. Understanding exactly how violence in a relationship may manifest is important for helping Louisiana victims know when to seek help. 

Do you really need to read prenuptial agreements before signing?

Using a prenuptial agreement to safeguard assets and protect oneself from debt is a great option for most people in Louisiana. Although prenups may have risen in popularity recently, it is important to remember that they are legal documents that have real-life implications. Those choosing to use prenuptial agreements should be certain that they carefully read and understand everything in the document before signing. 

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