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Do you really need to read prenuptial agreements before signing?

Using a prenuptial agreement to safeguard assets and protect oneself from debt is a great option for most people in Louisiana. Although prenups may have risen in popularity recently, it is important to remember that they are legal documents that have real-life implications. Those choosing to use prenuptial agreements should be certain that they carefully read and understand everything in the document before signing.

Lisa Marie Presley’s ex-husband Michael Lockwood recently told a judge that he never understood the prenuptial agreement he signed. He also admitted that although he had signed two postnuptial agreements in 2007, he had never actually read them. At some points he apparently contradicted himself, saying both that he had not read these agreements and that he also did not understand them.

Those contradictions are an important distinction, as Presley believes that he simply wants more money from her. Lisa Marie Presley is Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s only child, and as such is believed to have a considerable amount of wealth. Lockwood claims that he still does not fully understand the extent of his ex-wife’s wealth. The couple shares two children.

Not reading or understanding a legal document is typically not a valid argument against its enforcement, as a person’s signature typically provides his or her consent to adhere to its conditions. Prenuptial agreements are no exception. If a person in Louisiana is interested in using a prenup but has trouble comprehending what all that entails, consulting with an experienced family law attorney is a good first step.

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