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May 2017 Archives

What a protective order does for you and how to get one

When you married, you probably trusted that your spouse would cherish you, take care of you and keep you free from harm. Unfortunately, at some point along the way, your spouse betrayed that trust and began harming you physically. Now, you look to Louisiana's legal system to protect you by seeking a protective order, but have questions about how to obtain one and how it works for you.

Asserting Louisiana fathers' rights as an unmarried dad

Obviously, Louisiana residents do not have to be married in order to have children together. When a relationship is going well, the issue of unwed fathers' rights might not be a priority. However, if the relationship ends and the parties go their separate ways, these rights and responsibilities become paramount for both parties.

Do unwed Louisiana fathers really need a paternity test?

Having a child -- whether married or not -- is typically a joyous occasion in the lives of parents. Many Louisiana parents love to show off their new family additions and are proud to claim them. However, for unwed fathers, simply saying they are the father is not enough to enforce the legal rights that go along with having a child. This makes establishing paternity a must for fathers, but also for their children.

Fathers can seek custody modifications too

Even though laws favor shared custody, many fathers in Louisiana feel that courts are ignoring their rights when it comes to child custody. If you are unhappy with your current child custody arrangements, you may take actions to do something about it. After all, fathers can seek custody modifications, too; this is not a right reserved just for mothers.

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