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Is politics leading to contested and uncontested divorce filings?

The election of 2016 could go down in history as one of the most controversial. In fact, the controversies invaded many Louisiana homes. The tension reached such heights in some homes that it led to contested and uncontested divorce filings.

A recent survey by Wakefield Research indicates that one out of every 10 couples split over politics in recent months. It did not matter whether the couples were unmarried or married. Over the last six months, political disagreements have overshadowed one of the most prevalent reasons for relationship woes — money. In addition, family law attorneys report that an increasing number of filing they see involves political breakups.

Politics has become a divisive topic in about 24 percent of households. The data indicates that approximately 22 percent of the couples who are ending their relationships over politics are millenials. The disagreements tend to center on the fact that each side believes the other should agree with his or her views. When the other party fails to do so, the relationship could end.

Regardless of whether politics leads to a Louisiana couple’s divorce, this is often a challenging and emotionally charged time. This could make dealing with the issues before the parties frustrating. The parties would undoubtedly benefit from understanding the legal and monetary implications of any decisions they make.

Discussing the matter with a family law attorney may help make sure that any agreement reached in an uncontested divorce represents each party’s best interests. If the parties are unable to agree on their divorce issues, the matter could go to court. Having representation under these circumstances is vital as well since presenting the appropriate evidence to support a party’s position could make all the difference.

Source: Fox Business, “Married Couples Splitting Over Trump, Study Says“, Jade Scipioni, May 8, 2017

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