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April 2016 Archives

Is domestic violence a gender issue or a human issue?

In our last post, we explored how Louisiana has a lot of different ways to seek protection from possible threats of domestic violence. Our purpose in doing that was to show that the laws are framed in hopes of being able to account for the many different circumstances that can trigger violence among people -- even those who might claim to love each other.

How do I go about seeking a protection order in Louisiana?

Did you know that there are 12 statutes and articles on the books in Louisiana related to seeking protection orders from the court? That there are so many seems to be an acknowledgment that the conditions that might prompt such action can be as different as the people involved.

What Louisiana laws cover grandparent visitation and custody?

Few would likely deny that the norm for most Louisiana families is one that is cross-generational. Where there are children, there are parents. Where there are parents, there are grandparents. And there's generally a presumption that everyone will be actively involved in each other's lives.

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