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November 2014 Archives

Your surprisingly positive post-divorce checklist

Whether your divorce has been amicable or contentious, you will likely feel a combination of both grief and relief once it is finalized. As you prepare for the finalization of your divorce, you are also preparing for your newly single life. You may be moving to a different residence, altering your work-life and shopping for new possessions, depending on what possessions your spouse opted to keep post-split. The process of transitioning from married life to single life can be unquestionably difficult.

Conquering your bad habits during and post-divorce

We frequently write about how important it is to take excellent care of yourself during the divorce process. Ultimately, if you allow your negative emotions and habits to rule your divorce process, you may end up with an unfair divorce settlement or an undesirable child custody arrangement. However, we have also acknowledged that it can be difficult to take excellent care of yourself while grieving your marriage and navigating the divorce process.

What to know so you can face your custody battle fears

One of the most common ways a jilted spouse will try to get under your skin during divorce proceedings is to threaten to seek full-custody of the children. Indeed, they might have seen one too many episodes of  “The Young & Restless,” or believe that on some level they are the “superior” parent, but more often than not parents begin to panic at the possibility of enduring a custody battle.

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