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Conquering your bad habits during and post-divorce

We frequently write about how important it is to take excellent care of yourself during the divorce process. Ultimately, if you allow your negative emotions and habits to rule your divorce process, you may end up with an unfair divorce settlement or an undesirable child custody arrangement. However, we have also acknowledged that it can be difficult to take excellent care of yourself while grieving your marriage and navigating the divorce process.

A few months ago, we published a blog entitled Finding yourself again after divorce. In this piece, we note that finding yourself again in the wake of divorce requires time and effort. Once you have begun to reestablish a healthy sense of self, it becomes time to tackle bad habits. Tackling your bad habits can both help you ensure that your divorce process remains fair and positive and help you establish a solid foundation for a healthy, happy future.

Chances are that you are exhausted and are in no mood to tackle your bad habits. Chances are that you feel that your bad habit reinvention can wait for a rainy day. However, the time for reinvention is now. The positive energy and momentum you will create by conquering your bad habits will help you remain strong during the divorce process and will help you keep an eye towards the future as you shed the negative aspects of your past.

Starting slow is okay, as progress (not speed) is key to bad habit transformation. Be prepared for your brain and body to fight your efforts and remain as strong and steadfast as possible. Your efforts will almost certainly breed rewards.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Re-Inventing Yourself After Divorce: 5 Tips To Dump A Bad Habit For A Good Habit In 20 Days!” Kat Forsythe, Oct. 31, 2014

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