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How do I lovingly ask for a prenuptial agreement?

We have previously written about the benefits of drafting prenuptial agreements prior to marriage. In addition to protecting your interests and your romantic partner’s interests in the event of divorce, these legal contracts can help to ensure that your marriage is stronger, less filled with tension, more honest and more grounded in terms of financial expectations. Yet despite all these benefits, prenups do sometimes inspire stigmas. And as a result of these stigmas, you may feel hesitant about discussing them with your romantic partner.

Responding to an abusive relationship

If your romantic partner has begun to behave in abusive ways, you likely have numerous questions about how to respond. Depending on your circumstances, you may or may not be questioning whether to leave. You may even be questioning whether or not you deserve this treatment. The answer to this second question is unequivocally “No.” No matter how complex your circumstances are, no one deserves to be treated in an abusive manner.

Finding yourself again after divorcing

We frequently write about the numerous challenges that individuals tend to face as they navigate the divorce process. With the aid of experienced family law attorney, many of the logistical and legal challenges can be mitigated. However, many of the practical and emotional challenges that divorce inspires must be largely weathered on one’s own. This can be a particularly daunting process given that divorce can be jarring and can set off a number of frustrating, confusing and disorienting negative emotions that one must deal with while simultaneously dealing with the practical consequences of divorce such as property division and redefining certain personal relationships.

Coping with regret about your kids post-divorce

When you made the decision to divorce your spouse, you were likely compelled to process numerous fears and concerns regarding how your children would cope with your decision. It is both normal and healthy to worry about one’s children. It would have been odd if you had no concerns and fears about your child’s reactions to your divorce. But did you stop to worry about your own heart? Did you stop to wonder how you would cope with the changing nature of your relationship with your child in the wake of your divorce?

What children of divorced parents learn over time

In the immediate aftermath of parental divorce, children often feel confused, hurt, angry and a host of other negative emotions. However, like their parents, they tend to grow into their new lives over time. Many children emerge from the aftermath of divorce far stronger, more resilient, more responsible and more empathetic than they were before their parents went their separate ways.

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