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May 2014 Archives

When the kids are with your co-parent and you're feeling lonely

We have previously discussed the fact that being a co-parent can be a uniquely complicated identity. There are numerous benefits and challenges associated with co-parenting that many married parents may not be able to fully understand. For example, the fact that your child custody arrangements may require your child to spend certain nights away from your household can be both a benefit and a challenge of co-parenting.

Post-divorce, what are parents to do about college financial aid?

Many parents consider the act of contributing to their child’s higher education expenses to be a privilege. Other parents insist that their child should pay his or her own way through college, given that this kind of hard work arguably makes one’s degree more personally valuable. In either situation, parents are often required to submit their own income information to their child’s college of choice so that the school may determine how much financial aid that aspiring student will receive.

Thinking about the concept of ritual as it pertains to divorce

When two people decide to marry, ritual tends to accompany even the most basic of ceremonies. Even if a couple weds at a courthouse, they must express vows, sign documents and they usually exchange rings as tokens of their commitment. Many of life’s greatest transitions involve ritual. From births to graduations, marriages to deaths, ritual helps individuals to honor and process the major transitions in life.

How Louisiana's divorce process compares to those in other states

Each state in the union has its own character, has its own unique culture and has passed a number of laws which are distinct from those passed by other states. While federal laws often apply to individuals throughout the U.S. and many states enact a number of practically identical laws, states often also choose to pass nuanced legislation that applies uniquely to the inhabitants of that particular jurisdiction.

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