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Thinking about the concept of ritual as it pertains to divorce

When two people decide to marry, ritual tends to accompany even the most basic of ceremonies. Even if a couple weds at a courthouse, they must express vows, sign documents and they usually exchange rings as tokens of their commitment. Many of life’s greatest transitions involve ritual. From births to graduations, marriages to deaths, ritual helps individuals to honor and process the major transitions in life.

It is therefore largely unsurprising that more and more individuals are attempting to inject some sort of ritual into the process of divorce. We frequently discuss the fact that divorce represents a major life transition. As a result, if it seems appropriate for you to do so, you may want to consider your own rituals during and post-divorce.

Some individuals choose to replace their wedding rings with an alternately symbolic piece of jewelry, tattoo or other token of renewal worn on the body. Other individuals choose to throw celebrations, take healing vacations or otherwise honor their divorce with a sense of occasion. In addition, some individuals choose to write divorce-inspired “vows” to themselves as an acknowledgement of the transition they are making into the next phase of their lives.

Divorce can be a mentally, physically and emotionally trying process. It is important to grieve in the wake of a decision to divorce. But as you move more fully from your married life into your single life, you will almost certainly seek renewal and recommitment to your own happiness and wellbeing. Though they are not right for everyone, rituals may help you to achieve this important goal.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Do We Need a Ritual for Divorce?” Lara Lillibridge, May 7, 2014

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