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How Louisiana’s divorce process compares to those in other states

Each state in the union has its own character, has its own unique culture and has passed a number of laws which are distinct from those passed by other states. While federal laws often apply to individuals throughout the U.S. and many states enact a number of practically identical laws, states often also choose to pass nuanced legislation that applies uniquely to the inhabitants of that particular jurisdiction.

For example, Louisiana has enacted a law that requires family law courts to finalize divorce settlements only after a minimum of 180 days have passed since the couple filed for divorce. This waiting period applies even when a couple has reached an agreement and is ready to have its divorces finalized before 180 days have passed.

This waiting period may seem unnecessary and frustrating to some couples. After all, couples in Maine only need to wait a minimum of 60 days to have their divorces finalized and couples in Idaho need only wait a minimum of 62 days. However, Louisiana couples have a far easier time procedurally than couples in Maryland who need to wait a minimum of 360 days and couples in Arkansas who are required to wait a minimum of 540 days to finalize their divorces.

Numerous laws in Louisiana affecting the divorce process are unique from laws enforced in other states. As a result, it is important for couples divorcing in Louisiana to consult an experienced, local family law attorney in order to better understand the unique nature of the divorce process in the Pelican State.

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