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No matter a victim’s age, domestic violence deserves response

Physical, mental or sexual attacks by one person against another are never OK. When someone who supposedly loves you commits such acts, it is worse. It does not matter what the nature of the relationship is. There are actions that can be taken under the law to seek protection from attacks or even the threat of them. But it does require taking the initiative.

We have mentioned previously on this blog about the fact that in Louisiana, the law includes 11 articles that grant the right of individuals to seek court ordered protection from someone else. It could be a single person trying to escape the stalking of a former romantic partner; a spouse fearing harm from his or her mate; a parent worried for the safety of the children; or even an aging man or woman now vulnerable and at the mercy of an adult child caregiver or some other person.

With all the laws that are on the books and all the records of domestic violence that have been collected over the years, you might figure that we would have a pretty good idea of what factors contributes to such behavior. And you would be right, as an article earlier this month in The Louisiana Weekly revealed. But despite that, researchers observe that there are still too many gaps in the data to frame clear recommendations on what remedies might be possible.

For example, the study highlighted in the Weekly article indicates that alcohol abuse is often a common factor in both elder abuse and violence against intimate partners. But the authors caution that they still can’t conclude that it is an actual triggering mechanism in the violence. They say more study is needed.

In the absence of clear answers, the availability of protective orders becomes one of the most important tools available for promoting a safe family environment. If you have questions about such family law matters, contact an experienced attorney for answers.

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