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How to have holly jolly holidays with your kids post-divorce

One of the most wonderful things about having children is that they provide a consistent reminder of the fact that no matter how challenging our daily struggles can get, parents always have something to be grateful for if their children are healthy, happy and present. No matter what your child custody arrangements look like, chances are that you would like to find a way to make the holidays special for you and your children. With a little creative forethought, you can make that dream into a reality.

If your children are with you this holiday season and your co-parent is involved in their lives, it will likely be in your child’s best interest if he or she can spend some time in-person or over the phone with your co-parent. Even if there is bad blood between you and your co-parent, you set a good example for your child when you can reach out amicably to your co-parent at the holiday season. Also, unless your child’s other parent is abusive, your child will likely thank you for putting aside your differences and making an effort to unite him or her with your co-parent at this time of year.

If your child is with your co-parent for the holidays, it may be time to engage in some creative solutions in order to celebrate with your child in your own way. Perhaps you can tape yourself reading holiday stories, opt to celebrate “Christmas in July” if you see your child in the summer or otherwise make an effort to keep the holidays special even when you and your child are far apart.

However, if this holiday season’s logistics prove to be too challenging to bear, please do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced family law attorney in order to modify arrangements for next year.

Source: Huffington Post, “10 Tips to Enjoy the Holidays Post-Divorce,” Diane L. Danois, Nov. 12, 2013

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