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Engaged couples should talk through issues to avoid divorce drama

Engagements are exciting occasions, and many may think that discussing the possibility of divorce at this time will take away from the romance or hopes for the future. However, Louisiana couples can protect themselves from a great deal of financial and emotional difficulty should the marriage not work out by having conversations early. This kind of planning and negotiation when things are going well can make it easier to talk through issues should things go wrong later on.

When a couple first gets engaged, they are typically excited and in love. This affection and optimism can make it easy to talk through issues, even if those conversations are uncomfortable. It can also help people avoid divorce altogether by raising serious issues before walking down the aisle.

Conversations about divorce that Louisiana couples should have before getting married include reasons why they might get divorced and expectations for the marriage. Couples should discuss nonnegotiable issues such as fidelity and transparency, as well as things that they suspect may change over the years. They can also discuss reasons that divorce would be an option, if any, and how it might be prevented. Finally, conversations about what they would want from one another should a divorce take place can lead to helpful plans and insightful discussions.

When newly engaged Louisiana couples take the time to talk through issues around potential divorce, they can be in a much better situation in entering marriage. Some may also choose to draft a prenuptial agreement to solidify the decisions from these discussions. A Louisiana lawyer can support an individual in drafting such agreements, as well as  divorce negotiations and other family law issues.

Source: Time, “Divorce Lawyer: Talk About Divorce When You Get Engaged“, James Sexton, March 8, 2018

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