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How to stay level-headed during a divorce mediation

Many people feel a loss of control when experiencing a divorce. Despite the many things that may be out of one's control, there are some things Louisiana divorcees can do to lessen the pain and focus on the real issues at play. Following these tips can help people identify what they may entitled to in a divorce mediation as well as helping them keep their head up in times of stress.

Child college costs should be considered in divorce mediation

Terminating a marriage can be expensive. For parents, this strain can affect everyone in the family, particularly children with financial needs. Louisiana parents who have financial obligations related to their children's current or future college tuition should be sure to raise these expenses and associated savings during divorce mediation.

Those regretting their divorce should talk through issues first

After the dust settles in a difficult breakup, most people are eager to move on. However, for some others, regret and desire for reconciliation can sometimes follow a divorce. Louisiana individuals with these feelings may need to talk through issues with their ex, lawyer or a counselor to understand the next steps and whether getting back together is even an option in their case.

Property distribution and debt distribution in divorce

When people discuss separation agreements, the division of assets is often a hot topic. But what about the division of liabilities, such as shared debt? It is a good idea for Louisiana couples to be familiar with the state laws that govern marital debt and property distribution before going forward with a divorce. 

Engaged couples should talk through issues to avoid divorce drama

Engagements are exciting occasions, and many may think that discussing the possibility of divorce at this time will take away from the romance or hopes for the future. However, Louisiana couples can protect themselves from a great deal of financial and emotional difficulty should the marriage not work out by having conversations early. This kind of planning and negotiation when things are going well can make it easier to talk through issues should things go wrong later on.

How to handle pet custody through divorce mediation

While child custody is commonly discussed in family law, one issue that gets less coverage is custody of pets. However, this issue comes up in many divorce cases across Louisiana and the United States. Through divorce mediation, these issues can often result in joint custody agreements, financial support agreements for vet bills and other negotiated settlements.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act law changes spousal support taxation

While state law defines many of the issues around spousal support, the basic taxation of alimony payments has been consistent throughout the United States for the last 75 years. Up until this point, spousal support has been deductible for the payer and reportable as income for the recipient. Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, however, spousal support divorcees in Louisiana and across the United States will see this switch as it will no longer be deductible for the payer.

Some look for a leg up in a contested divorce, no matter the cost

Not every Louisiana couple ending their marriage can do so amicably. In some cases, the circumstances simply do not allow for niceties. Instead, each party prepares for a contested divorce. Some will go to any nearly any length to "get a leg up" on the other party in court regardless of the potential cost.

Upcoming tax changes re spousal support are causing a panic

Louisiana residents who are contemplating divorce sometime in the next year have a new concern. The way that spousal support is treated by the IRS is going to change, and some people are already in a panic. Under the new law, those who make these payments will no longer be able to deduct them on their income taxes, which many fear means that recipients will not receive as much support as was previously awarded under the prior tax structure.

Is one of your New Year's resolutions an uncontested divorce?

When a new year begins, many Louisiana residents take stock of their lives. In doing so, some will determine that their marriages need to end, particularly if they had not already made that decision before the holidays, but wanted to delay so as not to mar the season for children and other family members. Now that the holidays are over, couples may be ready to take the next step, and many may be hoping for an uncontested divorce.

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