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Facebook leading to more individuals facing family law issues

In the last few years, there has been a drastic increase in the frequency with which courts are ordering Facebook to grant investigators access to an individual’s profile. Evidence from Facebook and various other social media platforms are increasingly becoming a significant variable in divorce and other family law proceedings around the country, including here in Louisiana.

Evidence of this nature is very often used against an individual believed to be ignoring child support obligations. Additionally, evidence from Facebook of a parent excessively drinking or engaging in other risky behavior can be used against the parent in custody proceedings. In more unusual instances, spouses have even discovered evidence of bigamy through Facebook.

An attorney that recently built a case against a parent that had not made a single child support payment in three years used evidence from Facebook pictures. The attorney secured a warrant for the parent’s arrest on felony charges because in conjunction with other evidence, the parent had pictures on their Facebook account depicting them lying in a pile of cash, indicating the parent was choosing to not make the payments rather than being unable to do so.

The attorney for that case says of Facebook, “It is an investigative tool. It can be effective in assisting in the investigation and prosecution of certain criminal targets.” Social media platforms like Facebook are creating interesting new issues in family law courts in Louisiana. It is important to remain aware of this fact when an individual in Louisiana is going through divorce proceedings, or other family law issues.

Source: ABC News, “Facebook Money Pics Bust Dad for Allegedly Dodging Child Support,” Alexa Valiente, March 22, 2013

  • Our firm has experience assisting individuals in Louisiana with various issues related to those detailed above. For more information, please refer to our Lafayette family law page.

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