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Best interests of the child ignored as adults fight for custody

A woman with temporary custody of her five-year-old grandson had cause for concern following recent events. Like many grandmothers in Louisiana and elsewhere, she says she is seeking the best interests of the child. However, authorities have removed the child from her custody indefinitely as an already bitter custody batter turned dangerous.

The child was removed from his mother’s custody after a teacher reported seeing welts on his back. The mother, who was subsequently arrested for child endangerment, admitted she had struck the child with a belt to teach him not to play with fire. Authorities granted the grandmother temporary custody while the mother took parenting and anger management classes. When the state denied the mother’s request to regain custody of the child, the two women entered a heated dispute.

When a teacher found 30 packets of heroin in the boy’s lunch box, authorities stepped in again. It was determined that the boy’s father was responsible for the heroin, and the child was returned to his grandmother. However, a teacher recently discovered crack cocaine in the boy’s backpack, and he was then placed into state custody.

The mother says her son never should have been placed in the grandmother’s house where his father often stays and where he is exposed to drugs and other dangers. On the other hand, the grandmother admits she suspects that the child’s mother had something to do with the crack cocaine in the child’s backpack. She believes the child’s mother may have placed it there to sabotage the grandmother’s efforts at regaining custody.

Many people in Louisiana who are dealing with custody issues rely on their attorneys to protect their rights during heated disputes. An attorney can also keep one focused and provide advice for handling situations in a rational manner. While custody battles may quickly escalate to accusations and allegations, the courts strive to seek the best interests of the child.

Source:, “Kid, 5, who brought heroin to Trenton school, now caught with crack”, Isaac Avilucea, Oct. 25, 2016

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