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Handling your child's request to move in with the other parent

Your child was younger when you first divorced and made custody arrangements. Since that time, your child has lived with you the majority of the time, and your house serves as his or her home base. Where he or she attends school, the friends he or she makes, and other important life factors all originate from this location.

Why having more money might lead to more divorce

Living through poor economic times can be tough. Incomes usually stagnate, jobs become scarce and Louisiana couples may have to face a growing number of financial problems in their marriages. Since money is a major cause of marital stress, some might think that the divorce rate will increase as the economy heads south. In reality, the opposite is usually true.

How to protect finances after you're asked for a divorce

For some people the question comes as a complete surprise, while for others it is more of an expected step in their marriage. No matter how a person felt when their spouse asked them for a divorce, it is important to take action in a timely manner. While there are many factors that cannot be dealt with until the divorce process gets underway, people in Louisiana can take important steps to protect themselves and their finances relatively early on.

Should you count on that child support?

Getting a divorce as a parent can be overwhelming, especially for Louisiana parents who end up with primary custody of their children. Raising children on a single income is certainly a difficult task. Many of these parents rely on child support payments from their ex-spouses to make up any shortfalls in their children's financial security. Unfortunately, that child support does not always come through.

Could divorce mediation be the right solution for you?

Deciding to divorce can be an emotionally-charged experience, and the idea of heading to war in the courtroom can seem necessary and even cathartic. However, what might feel satisfying in the moment might not be a good idea for in the long run. Divorce mediation can provide a better overall experience for Louisiana couples who want to get through the process without going to battle.

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