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Tackling the family business during property division

Owning and operating a business with a spouse can be a great way to spend time together while also establishing a family income. Divorce can complicate business matters, though, and some Louisiana couples might find themselves stuck in seemingly impossible situations. Here are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with family-owned businesses during property division.

Moving away after divorce may damage your parental bond

If you are a dad who has recently gone through a divorce, chances are you are feeling emotions you never knew you had. You may be like many fathers who experienced the deep disappointment of losing custody to your spouse, and you are trying to remain grateful for the few days of visitation you have each week. On the other hand, even if you share custody with your former spouse, the time with your kids may never seem enough.

Property division and hidden assets

A fundamental aspect of divorce is the process by which couples divide up their marital property. In Louisiana, property division should end with both people walking away with approximately half of the marital assets. But what happens if one person decides to hide some of those marital assets? Unfortunately, the practice is more common than some people might realize.

Do you know what to do with credit card rewards during divorce?

Racking up credit card reward points can be extremely satisfying. From earning points on grocery purchases to banking points for airfare travel, using credit cards to earn additional benefits is a popular choice. But how should Louisiana couples handle these points during a divorce?

Social Security benefits after divorce

Social Security benefits play a crucial role in retirement planning for many Louisiana residents. However, those who are ready to divorce might have some understandable concerns about accessing those benefits in the future. What few people understand is that it is possible to receive these important retirement benefits based on a spouse's work history even if they have divorced.

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