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Is co-parenting a good option for child custody?

Louisiana parents generally want to do what is best for their children. However, figuring out what is in their best interest is not always clear, especially when a family situation is already complicated by a divorce. Co-parenting is a fairly popular choice for child custody at the moment, but is it right for everyone? Parents should consider a few things before diving into co-parenting.

Would you suggest bird nesting to your children's other parent?

Despite changing attitudes toward parenting, Louisiana's courts still tend to favor mothers over fathers. For this reason, if you can negotiate a custody agreement with your children's mother, you could end up having more time and interaction with your children than you would if you left it up to a judge.

Don't forget about important documents during family law issues

Ending a marriage is a complicated ordeal, both legally and emotionally. While some people in Louisiana might feel as if there is too much going on at once to be truly present for each individual process within divorce, failing to do so can have serious consequences for the future. Here a few family law matters divorcing couples should keep in mind.

Don't forget about debt during property division

From secrets to favorite activities to physical property, married couples tend to share most of their lives with another. Untangling these types of personal connections during a divorce can be tricky enough without piling things like property division on top. This is why it can be extremely distressing when individuals realize that they will not just be splitting physical property during divorce -- they will also have to deal with debt.

What you need to know about inheritances and property division

People usually put an enormous amount of time and effort into deciding what to pass on to heirs. These individuals might even try to envision how their heirs will enjoy their inheritances, but few might be able to predict an unfortunately all-too-common occurrence -- losing an inheritance during a divorce. Although generally considered separate property, some people in Louisiana might be upset to realize that their inheritances will be included in property division.

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