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New Louisiana gun law aims to reduce domestic abuse

A new gun law is poised to keep domestic violence victims safer. The new Louisiana law bans those convicted of domestic abuse from owning firearms for four years in hopes the law will protect victims of violent abuse. Someone who has been convicted of the crime or who is under a protection order either can sign a court-sworn declaration that he or she doesn't own weapons or can sign a declaration in a sheriff's office that any weapons will be given to a third party or surrendered to the sheriff's office.

How can dads preserve their emotional well-being in divorce?

Louisiana dads know the divorce process can be a complex and difficult journey, both emotionally and financially. Unfortunately, fathers may find themselves with final divorce orders that feel unfair or unreasonable, or they feel emotionally destitute after everything is final. The process of ending a marriage is not easy, and it is beneficial to know how to protect your interests – legally, financially and emotionally.

Louisiana business owners benefit from prenuptial agreements

Louisiana business owners often take great pride in working for themselves and creating a company they can feel proud of. Unfortunately, a divorce can compromise everything that they have worked so hard to build. Prenuptial agreements can help protect business interests during a divorce and are a smart choice for their owners. 

Can family law issues be contagious?

People in Louisiana generally like to think that they think and act of their own accord and not because of outside influence. While this might be true in some cases, a person's friends and family can have a significant impact on their behavior when it comes to family law. Simply knowing someone who has divorced puts an individual at a higher risk for pursuing the process for themselves. 

Are millennials killing the divorce industry?

Popular media often paints millennials as desperate for instant gratification, willing to drop anything that is not working in their favor. However, this is not necessarily an accurate depiction, especially when it comes to things like marriage and divorce. While this generation of Louisiana residents might be marrying less frequently and at older ages than their parents, they are also divorcing at a much lower rate. 

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