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Prenuptial agreements can take uncertainty out of marriage

For newly engaged couples, topics like divorce and pre-existing assets might seem like unromantic topics. Yet Louisiana couples who avoid these conversations can find themselves in the midst of family law issues in the future. Some people may think they do not have enough assets to warrant a prenuptial agreement, but these conversations are critical to the future.

Child support order adjustments are possible

Divorce will bring significant financial changes to your life, and these changes do not always stop simply because the divorce is final. If you find yourself unable to manage the terms of your child support obligations, it might be possible to secure necessary changes to your order. Modifications are not always easy to secure, but you may find it beneficial to learn more about your options. 

Survey finds many believe domestic abuse is too taboo to discuss

While many once taboo subjects are now being talked about more, the stigma associated with many subjects still keeps important conversations hidden. A recent study found that 34 percent of individuals in Louisiana and throughout the United States thought that domestic violence and abuse was too taboo to talk about. This is a 10 percent jump from the 24 percent of respondents who considered the topic too taboo when the same question was asked four years ago.

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