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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act law changes spousal support taxation

While state law defines many of the issues around spousal support, the basic taxation of alimony payments has been consistent throughout the United States for the last 75 years. Up until this point, spousal support has been deductible for the payer and reportable as income for the recipient. Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, however, spousal support divorcees in Louisiana and across the United States will see this switch as it will no longer be deductible for the payer.

Domestic abuse addressed among political staffers

Workplaces across the country are developing standards and protocol to deal with domestic violence and other issues. The White House is among these workplaces, as the chief of staff reportedly sent a memo addressing abuse allegations against a former staffer. Workplaces throughout the country, including those in Louisiana, often have to react to these kinds of issues both at work, in the public sphere and occasionally in the legal arena.

Age and gender can influence a child's reaction to divorce

Divorcing couples often worry about how their children will cope with a breakup. Along with issues defined by Louisiana state law such as child custody and child support, understanding a child's emotional journey is critical to creating a new family makeup that is in the best interests of the child. Psychologists say that separation and divorce can have serious impacts on the well-being of children, so paying attention to their needs is critical for both parents.

Including your ex may ease tensions about child custody

Even amicable divorces come with some unsettling feelings. Regardless, some Louisiana couples need to find a way to work together in order to create and stick to a workable child custody agreement. This may take additional compromises that may feel odd and uncomfortable at first but, with time, could ease tensions from the divorce.

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