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Including your ex may ease tensions about child custody

Even amicable divorces come with some unsettling feelings. Regardless, some Louisiana couples need to find a way to work together in order to create and stick to a workable child custody agreement. This may take additional compromises that may feel odd and uncomfortable at first but, with time, could ease tensions from the divorce.

For instance, birthdays are a special time for both parents and the child. Inviting your ex to come to the birthday party would allow your child to share this special day with both parents. Plus, as a parent, both of you could enjoy watching the candles being blown out and the presents being opened.

A similar thought process goes into having both parents at sporting events. When your child makes a goal, home run or touchdown, both of your smiling and cheering faces can be seen from the field, united in your support and pride. Moreover, neither of you will miss it. These types of chances to make memories do not come along every day, and it would go a long way toward ensuring your child’s ability to grow up knowing that both parents love him or her enough to put their differences aside.

When creating a child custody agreement and parenting plan here in Louisiana, you may want to consider sharing these types of special occasions as a family. No one is saying that you have to be friends with your former spouse, but being able to be friendly co-parents may be an option. After all, the two of you will always be united in your love for your child, and more than likely, you each want to do what you can to let your child know that.

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