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August 2017 Archives

Putting an end to the marriage violence in your relationship

Many Louisiana residents think it could never happen to them, but it does happen in nearly 20 percent of all marriages across the country. Marriage violence takes many forms and crosses all income levels, and at some point, there are always physical and emotional components. Putting an end to the violence in these relationships often requires a particular kind of courage for which victims should be commended.

Prenuptial agreements: Are you forgetting something?

So many details go into making a wedding day special. With everything the Louisiana couple needs to remember to do before the big day, it is no wonder that some things may slip through the cracks. That may be okay if you inadvertently sat two warring relatives next to each other at the reception, but when it comes to prenuptial agreements, you may only have one chance to get it right.

Don't be too quick to dismiss divorce mediation

Anger, resentment and hurt are often predominant emotions at the end of a marriage. The first instinct of many Louisiana residents is to lash out and want to take the other party to court in order to teach him or her a lesson. Before making that leap, it would be beneficial to consider divorce mediation instead.

What does the best interests of the child mean in Louisiana?

When Louisiana parents decide to end their relationships, they realize that they will need to find a way to continue parenting. This means that child custody arrangements need to be made through either direct negotiations or the court. Regardless of how custody is decided, parents may want to have at least some understanding of what "the best interests of the child" means in Louisiana law.

What can fathers do to help their kids through divorce?

If you asked every Louisiana father what the most challenging part of his parenting vocation is, answers would probably vary greatly. You may have a few issues come to your mind when pondering the topic. Perhaps the very act of trying to help your children get used to the idea that you and their mother are no longer going to be living together is at the top of your list. Divorce happens often, and many parents feel overwhelmed and worried about how to help their children navigate the process.

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